A criminal case has been launched against the blogger Valeria Chekalina, known as Lerchek. The reason is the non-payment of taxes for 300 million rubles. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia.

The blogger Lerchek opened a criminal case for non-payment of taxes for 300 million rubles.

According to the publication, a criminal case was also initiated against her husband, Artem Chekalin. According to preliminary data, raids are being carried out in the house of the spouses.

It is reported that Chekalina, as an individual entrepreneur, used a simplified tax system, which applies to income up to 150 million rubles a year. The researchers believe that the actual income was significantly higher.

At the same time, Lerchek did not switch to the general tax regime, which provides for the payment of VAT and personal income tax, and hid her income with the help of her husband, relatives and friends. As reported, the money was transferred to the settlement accounts of other IPs. This fragmentation of the business made it possible to evade taxes in the amount of more than 300 million rubles.

Russian blogger and trainer Valeria Chekalina has been running a fitness blog on Instagram since 2018 (it’s owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia). The audience exceeded 10 million people. After blocking Instagram, Chekalina launched the Telegram channel “Lerchek is now here”, which gained more than 1 million subscribers.


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Source: RB

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