Tochka automated the workflow with the Federal Tax Service (FTS) by launching a machine-readable power of attorney, a digital analogue of a paper power of attorney that allows you to send a return and other documents to the tax office without the electronic signature of the client. .

Tochka released a digital analogue of a paper power of attorney for submitting documents to the tax

“Having received the client’s consent for direct interaction with the Federal Tax Service of Russia, we save him invaluable time, which he would have to spend on processing and transferring documents. In addition, with a machine-readable power of attorney, the client will be able to sign documents using an SMS code, ”explained Alexander Lebedev, head of the Online Accounting department, whose words are quoted in Tochka’s message.

A machine-readable power of attorney also allows entrepreneurs working from abroad to avoid account blocking for failing to file a return on time.


  • Now, in order to work with the Federal Tax Service, an entrepreneur must have a qualified electronic signature (QES), which can only be obtained while in Russia. If the CEP expires, the entrepreneur will not be able to sign and file the return on time, which may cause the business account to be blocked.
  • With a machine-readable power of attorney, such a situation is impossible, they assure Tochka, since the bank uses his signature, which insures the businessman from account blocking and other problems.
  • Banks have begun to make it easier for employers to work with electronic signatures. So, in early March, VTB announced that a company could receive a qualified certificate from the bank, issued on behalf of the certification center of the Russian Federal Tax Service (CEP), on a USB token with support for NFC technology. This allows you to sign documents both on a computer and on mobile devices.


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Source: RB

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