So on average half a liter of beer contains about 240 calories. They burn in about 51 minutes of walking. Step by step is 5670.

There are 225 calories in a glass of wine. That’s an extra 5575 steps, or 49 minutes of walking. Lager has slightly fewer calories than cider or Guinness—200 calories burned in 5385 steps (43-minute walk). It takes 2720 steps (22 minutes on foot) to burn calories from vodka water. A gin and tonic gives you 100 calories; 2650 steps (21 minutes on foot). From 30 ml of Jagermeister you will get 95 calories and have to walk 2595 steps (20 minutes of walking). A glass of champagne is fairly light, with 90 calories that can be burned in 2520 steps (19-minute walk). The whiskey with the least calories, for example, 50 ml of Jack Daniels. It has 60 calories – that’s 1680 steps (12 minutes of walking).

Source: Ferra

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