On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Wildberries analytical service collected statistics on the participation of entrepreneurs in online trading on the market. In addition to the general figures, which show that in 2022 the share of women in this business increased from 53 to 56%, the researchers found out in which products the fair sex is actively investing and how they assess the prospects for 2023.

The number of women entrepreneurs at Wildberries increased from 53% to 56% during the year

Among the most interesting observations and conclusions, we can point out the analyzes by age, since important changes have taken place here during the calendar year:

  • the proportion of online sales representatives under the age of 35 increased to 72% (previously it was 51%),
  • and the number of entrepreneurs under 25 years of age has increased (around 14%).

The preferences of women in the choice of products for sale turned out to be as expected:

  • clothing, shoes and accessories are sold by 40% of entrepreneurs,
  • household goods and repair – 21%,
  • children’s items – 10%.

They give the prerogative to sell more expensive products, such as appliances and electronics, to men (men sell twice as many of these products).

At the same time, the ladies are very critical of their achievements, but do not lose hope for the best, hoping for growth and development in 2023:

  • about 35% of respondents believe that they have not achieved their initial goals for 2022 (for men, such answers are 6% less),
  • and yet, 46% of the entrepreneurs interviewed intend to expand their own production or purchase volumes,
  • 35% are interested in diversifying the categories of products for sale (they will explore new niches and explore other brands),
  • 8% will develop additional sales channels,
  • and another 5% are thinking of improving their skills and expanding their online business competencies through further education.

RB wishes all the entrepreneurs success and congratulates them on International Women’s Day.

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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