Scientists from Russia MSTU im. Bauman made a proposal on large data centers, as well as various kinds of supercomputers in outer space, which will significantly reduce the cost of providing their work with energy. In addition, it is permissible to reduce the volume of carbon dioxide sources on Earth.

Presumably, we are talking about promising quantum supercomputers operating in an ultra-low temperature environment, and as part of installed complexes in orbit with a battery turned on, a power supply system and heat removal, as well as self-equipment that processes large amounts of information and telecom equipment designed for a high-speed mobile terminal . data between the complex itself and ground stations.

In addition, several of these complexes turned into a nanoformation and among themselves, forming their own obazonoskom. At the same time, the Lagrange point L1 is called the desirable place for their placement, in which the Sun and onboard solar batteries of increased danger do not overlap without interruption.

At the initial stage, the authors of the project assume that its justification, both technical and economic, also conducts work on the business planning of the program. The key problem of the proposed solution may be the high cost of delivering complexes into orbit, which will negate all the benefits of using energy generated by solar panels. drums.

Source: Tech Cult

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