This is not your internet connection; Tiktok not working. A popular video app developed by ByteDance stopped working for a significant portion of users in Spain for just a few minutes, according to data from down detector. This is all we know so far.

The problems, in particular, started around 10:45 am when many users noticed that the following message appeared when they entered the application: “can’t play video”. TikTok allows access to various sections of the app such as profile, notifications, or messages. However, videos in the “For You” section and in the “Next” tab do not play correctly.

Although the “Video cannot be played” message is usually displayed when someone is having problems connecting to the Internet, a notification appears on all TikTok users around the world, showing that this is a global service crash.

Many users have also turned to down detector report that TikTok is not working properly. Most agree on charging issues. That is, the application barely plays the video. Another small number of people also claim that the website is not working properly.

As of now, the company has not made a decision on the matter, and it is not known when TikTok will be back up and running as normal.

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Source: Hiper Textual

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