Thanks to the easy accessibility of data such as mobile phone numbers on the Internet, many people receive frequent unsolicited calls, whether from strangers or companies that want to sell a product or service or collect funds. In these scenarios, where companies are concerned, it can be very helpful to locate the source of the number in order to properly block the number or file a formal complaint.

Another situation where this can be useful is if you find a lost cell phone. Once the number is found, it is possible to identify its owner. With this method, the return process becomes much more practical and faster. That said, here are some ways to find out who owns a phone number.

Find owner of known numbers


The following methods are applicable where the user can identify the area code and the number displayed with the remaining digits. If so, the process is much simpler.

Call back

While it may seem obvious, this strategy is still the simplest and cannot be left out of this list. If the person answers, introduce yourself and be friendly, explaining why you don’t want to receive calls. And remember: this applies to both people and companies, if you do not want to buy the products offered, or if you are subject to excessive or persistent fees.

It is worth remembering that there are several business numbers that are programmed not to receive calls. In this case, returning the call will have no effect.

Search for the number in the search engine

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Another very effective alternative is to search for the number on search engines like Google and Bing. This is because users and companies often disclose their contact numbers on the internet and it is possible that they are indexed. Depending on the situation, the results can be quite detailed with name, business name or even physical address.

Search the number on social media

If you don’t get satisfactory results from previous research, it’s worth asking for reinforcements on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. In this mode, it is easier to find the owner of the number when it is a real person, as many people associate the number with the account. It’s interesting to search for the term “my phone number (contact)” on Facebook, because that’s how many users exchange contacts on public posts or among friends.

Use public lists

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If the number is linked to a business, you can identify its owner on commercial public directory sites such as, Lista Amarela or 102 Busca. Unlike social networks, this method is only valid for legal entities, ie companies. Also, the chance is higher when the number is fixed.

Find unknown number owner

Calls usually do not identify numbers and display messages and variants such as “restricted call”, “private number” or “000000”. In this way, the user cannot type the number and use the previous methods. However, it is possible to find out who is calling using more drastic measures.

Use descriptive apps

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Some apps like Truecaller and Whoscall have a database of numbers that are defined as spam by users. These programs are particularly useful for avoiding telemarketing calls and are available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android in addition to their web versions.

Both work similarly; Identifies private calls and SMS with blocking options to avoid collection calls, ads, scams and prank calls.

Additional services offered by operators

Although many users do not know about it, operators offer paid services that allow, among other things, the identification of anonymous calls. It is also possible to pay an extra fee to reject the last call, even anonymously, and to follow up the calls (the service that forwards them to the competent authorities at the end of the call).

There is also a service known as “call trap” which, although free, requires a more active stance from the user. In this case, the operator sets a deadline for recording the days and times of calls.

What to do after determining the owner?

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Of course, the procedure varies depending on the content of the links. If you’re receiving telemarketing calls, you can request that your number be removed from their contact lists or block the company on the Do Not Disturb website. If it’s someone on the other end of the line and you’ve been harassed, slandered or threatened, the best course of action is to file a police report, even if the person responsible can’t be identified in the first place.

With the number and call record in hand, it is possible to make a claim and file a lawsuit by demanding the violation of telephone confidentiality before the operator. In this case, it is recommended to contact a lawyer or Public Advocacy to get the necessary guidance after going to the police station.

Source: Tec Mundo

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