Sberbank will increase the purchase limit without the need to enter a PIN code, writes RBC, citing a representative of the bank. Now you can pay with a card without a PIN code for products up to 1 thousand rubles, but the organization is testing a new feature.

Sberbank will increase the amount of purchases without a PIN code

As explained in Sberbank, such a step will make the payment experience of customers more comfortable. This does not compromise security in any way.

In Moscow, some bank terminals no longer require a PIN code for purchases of more than 2,000 rubles, the publication was convinced. However, if the amount reaches 3 thousand rubles, you still need to confirm the PIN. Sberbank did not specify how many terminals with such a function there will be in the country.

During the tests, Sber terminals will accept not only their own cards, but also cards from other banks.

In 2020, the Russian Mir payment system increased the amount that can be paid without a PIN code to 3,000 rubles. Visa and Mastercard, in turn, raised the limit to 5,000 rubles.

Previously, Sberbank launched acquisition services in Crimea and Sevastopol. In addition, the financial institution began lending to people in these regions. Also earlier in the year, it announced plans to expand testing of its payment tag.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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