Today, the absence of a desktop version is most surprising. Whats up not native macOS operating system. But that’s about to change because the company that Meta owns is not known to be like that, so those with Apple computers have an adequate user experience.

You might think that there is already an application for using the messaging application on computers with macOS operating system, and this is true. But this not local because It’s programmed with Electron (a Github job not specific to Apple development), which makes it hard to work with in many cases. irregular). So, those who own a laptop or desktop from the Cupertino company suffer from problems that Windows users stopped suffering about a year ago – which already has its native version based on the Universal Windows Platform).

And frankly, this should be fixed, because unfortunately delays in the execution of actions or connection errors are the order of the day in the version of WhatsApp for macOS. And fortunately, according to the source of the information we mentioned, more than obvious evidence That the company currently owned by Meta has taken appropriate measures to make this happen. Undoubtedly, this is very positive.

What does WhatsApp do?

Something as simple as creating an app to use its service, which uses Mac Catalyst running natively with the Apple operating system. And as a result, this development will deliver optimized work. charging speeds; stability; and even in everything related to the functions it can offer and those to be implemented. And the latter is especially important as the app we’re talking about is constantly adding new features.

QR code in macOS app for WhatsApp


A clear example of what we are saying is that this new native version of WhatsApp for macOS is targeting support. multi device As in time with Windows. This means that when combined with the phone, it will work much better than the current one, which is at least mediocre, to say everything. The truth is, users are sure to appreciate the launch of the new app.

Possible arrival dates

The truth is, of course, there is no definitive one. We’re talking about a leak from a very solid source that should be considered good. If the times used with the Windows version are tracked, it is more than possible. for this summer Those who have a computer with macOS can enjoy an app for WhatsApp as God intended.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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