GPT-4 version of the natural language model developed by OpenAI, published next week. The information, which was haphazardly transmitted in German during the “AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff” event, was made by Andreas Braun, Microsoft’s CTO in Germany, on Thursday (9).

The executive made a statement in the open part of the event, after the news agency made a statement. heise I was there. According to the publication, four Microsoft employees were presenting. new GPT artificial intelligence-driven broad language model (LLM)heralded as a disruptive force for businesses through the new Azure-OpenAI tool.

While there has been talk since the beginning of February that ChatGPT-4 will be released with LLM soon, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman refused to reveal the tool’s new powers at a press conference, even saying the tool would “disappoint people”. But that’s not Microsoft’s point of view.

GPT-4 will be able to see

According to this heiseWhen Braun talked about the launch of the GPT-4, he added: “We will have models in it that will offer completely different possibilities – videos, for example”. Multimodal models are capable of extracting information from different types of sources. Contains videos and images that GPT can “see” on the internet.

Another milestone in multimodality, which Braun calls “out-of-the-box”, is enabling artificial intelligence, hitherto seen only as statistical, to understand natural language. Besides, technology will work in all languagesso for example you can ask a question in German and get the answer in Italian.

Despite the enthusiastic rhetoric, questions from the audience were not allowed in the final part of the panel, leaving the question about AI integration in Microsoft’s new Bing unanswered. Consultation can be done next week via ChatGPT-4.

Source: Tec Mundo

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