Chinese seleologists our new cave 192 m in gin with t t t v v v v + The team descended there by weight. The cave is located in the Guangxi Zhuang region of China, near the village of Ping’e in Leie County. Thanks to the find, 30 cave rooms have now been officially discovered in the area. Gansey hangs with marvelous reefs, about the cave to the stobs, and is included in c c c b b b b b b b b b c

Finding here is natural, because Yu of China is the citadel of karst lands of St. They occur due to the occurrence of formation: rainwater absorbs carbon dioxide from the soil, acquires acidity, and visible gaps in the stones flow, gradually turning them into voids. When the cave becomes bigger, and the upper layer becomes thinner, the ceiling ripped, revealing them.

karst cave

Due to different conditions of geology, climate and other factors, karst appears on the terrain of the village of Nozor. De-maie is noticeable, de-concretely you can walk along it, not suspecting that there is an oromromous one 2 meters below us. are accumulated, for example, by volcanic activity or wind.

The found cave is 306 m long and 150 m wide. In China, there is a term for describing large sinkholes – “tiankeng”, which means “paradise pit”. Dense vegetation at the bottom is almost absent of human growth and is a kind of oasis. Scientists admit that species of animals and plants, still unknown to science, can live here. For example, tropical ferns thrive in a cave in West Texas, the spores of which appear to have been brought there by bats during migration.

Source: Tech Cult

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