The main goal of the study was to do without the egg of a donor female. For this, scientists previously collected an ovarian follicle from stem cells and grew an egg in it. So the female was not needed.

In the new study, the authors first took cells from adult males and transformed them into induced pluripotent cells, similar to embryonic cells. Later, scientists got rid of the Y chromosome, which inhibits the egg’s growth. The cells were grown in culture and some lost a chromosome on their own. These cells were then harvested with an X chromosome and treated with a special substance. In fact, male cells turned into female cells.

Oocyte precursors and follicular cells were obtained from them. As a result, the resulting eggs were fertilized with sperm from another male mouse. In this process, the female was still needed – she was transplanted with embryos. 7 healthy puppies were born.

Source: Ferra

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