Russian online services intend to force sending push notifications and emails about the debit of funds for a subscription. The corresponding bill is scheduled to be submitted to the State Duma before the end of the spring session.

Online services will have to send automatic notifications about the withdrawal of funds for a subscription

The new rules were developed for a year: in the old version, the possibility of instant unsubscription was assumed, and in the new one, instead of the refusal button, the notification should contain a link to the user agreement and other information about the subscription. reported Kommersant.

The newspaper’s source said that discussion of the project was delayed due to “serious business opposition.” Companies feared that the unsubscribe button would deprive them of users who, for example, signed up for a trial period and then forgot to unsubscribe.

Oleg Pavlov, head of the Public Consumer Initiative, said that many companies already send notifications to consumers, but a fifth of users do not receive such messages, making it difficult to track paid subscriptions and cancel them after the trial period.

The newspaper’s interlocutor in the IT market is sure that the new measures may harm online services. Another source from a large IT company estimated that push notifications could increase unsubscribe rates by 15-20%.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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