69% of Apple Watch wearers sleep less than 7 hours per night. About this statement in a study conducted by Apple, the American Heart Association and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Research and physicians analyzed 2.9 million rows of data that were shared among 42 Apple Watch wearers in the US using Apple Research apps.

The American Heart Recommendation is good for 7-9 hours, but only 31% of Apple Watch users can offer that kind of sleep. The majority (39.7%) sleep 6-7 hours, 20.3% of users sleep 5-6 hours and 8.8% of Apple Watch wearers sleep less than 5 hours.

The average sleep time showed 6 hours 27 minutes.

On weekdays, people went to bed before midnight about 66% of the time. On weekends, that number drops to about 57%.

Most people who sleep at least 7 hours live in the states of Washington, South Dakota and Idaho. Apple Watch users sleep the worst in Mississippi, significant Virginia and Hawaii.

These differences may be due to cultural or demographic factors such as age and work.

To get enough sleep every day, it is advised to go to bed at the same time, follow the regime and sleep for at least 7 hours. Before going to bed, it is also recommended not to look at the screen or computer. [ABC News]

Source: Iphones RU

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