In the waste water in some exhaust systems in Pennsylvania high concentrations of medicines used to treat infections with SARS-CoV-2. Second study published in the Environmental Quality Magazine these concentrations would be high enough to be harmful to the sea ​​life.

The survey was conducted by weekly from May 2020 to May 2021 samples of wastewater entering and leaving two sewage plants in Pennsylvania. These samples were then analyzed for traces of SARS-Cv-2 and drugs used to treat the infection.

Of the drugs followed, the most common were: painkillersWhile these are not related to the treatment of coronavirus infection, high concentrations of a drug used to treat arthritis have been found, naproxento the point that it may pose a low to moderate risk to aquatic organisms.

High concentrations of Remdesivir And dexamethasonemainly used for the treatment of i hospitalized patients. However, it is not possible to calculate the precise risk of these two drugs to marine life, although the high concentrations of the latter can be harmful to fish.

Then there are antibiotics, such as: trimethoprim which also poses a medium to low risk to marine organisms. vice versa de Sulfamethoxazole it can be very harmful to algae, the food of many aquatic animals.

The increase in drug concentrations could be associated with increased use during the pandemic. Importantly, these calculations do not take into account the combined effect of the different drugs, which could be much worse.

Heather Preisdanz, an author of the study

Source: Lega Nerd

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