PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles use indicator lights to convey their current status to players. That’s why Sony recently released detailed information about the power indicator lights found on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, which helps users understand the current status of their system.

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According to the information published on the Sony PlayStation page, when the console has no light, it means it is completely off and you cannot charge controllers or download or upload content via USB.

When you open the console, indicator light starts blue and then turns white. This power on process is faster when starting from sleep mode than when fully off. During this process, players should see the PlayStation logo on the screen as the console boots up.

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Solid white light indicates console is on and it works normally. A flashing orange light indicates that the console has entered sleep mode.

After that, The orange light will solidify, indicating that the console is already in standby mode. This low power mode allows the console to charge controllers and download and upload content while consuming less power. Some users may notice that this light appears more yellow or amber depending on the console.

While the console is completely shutting down, the lights on the consolea white light comes on intermittently. Again in this case, the console cannot load controllers or download or upload content via USB.

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In the event of a console error, the indicator light will only flash white intermittently or if the blue light never turns solid white.

If this happens, console is locked and a troubleshooting process should be followed It involves unplugging the console, waiting 60 seconds, plugging it back in, and turning it back on. If the problem persists, console software may need to be reinstalled in safe mode.

Finally, flashing red light is a sign that the console is overheating. In such a case, it is recommended that you send the console for repair to prevent further damage.

This system of indicator lights helps gamers quickly understand the status of their console.


*This content was prepared with the help of artificial intelligence based on information published on the Sony PlayStation website and reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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