Anthropology expert Holly Waters has published an article about a new unexpected problem faced by worshipers in Hindu temples – they are gradually being replaced by robots. It all started with the fact that the clergy set up several machines to perform routine operations in the army. Modern people often do not have the time and desire to make many hours of repetitive gestures and movements, and their meaning is constantly gradually lost.

It turned out that robots are not too resigned And in the world I’m so sad that I’m angry, I’m not sure that you were unlucky in the roles. In some organizations, almost all basic rituals are now performed by robots under the guidance of priests, and people only watch the course of events. Because of this, they begin to grumble and express dissatisfaction.

Waters says that in some places the situation has escalated so much that the robots were recognized as “more diligent” in worship in worship. Despite the fact that these are rather primitive machines, they do not have any AI and awareness of their mission at all. However, a robot is much better suited to a person, without fatigue and unpleasant questions, and therefore is more convenient for organizing the work of the structure than living parishioners.

Robots are not tempted, they are not torn between the church and personal life or work. DohIFES Events.

Source: Tech Cult

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