According to the expert, developers often attract users of chatbots, which are becoming more and more in Russia with free functions. But that’s exactly the danger: such programs are often filled with malicious links or spam, intrusive and useless advertisements.

In addition, chatbots can be used in scam schemes, and a recent study by experts from OpenAI’s Alignment Research Center (ARC) showed that a chatbot can come up with various gestures to deceive a person.

The purpose of scammers, as a rule, is the same – theft and subsequent seizure of user data. To avoid this, even insignificant data must be transmitted through closed communication channels.

Prozorovsky also listed the basic digital hygiene rules for safe interaction with a chatbot:

  • Before downloading a chatbot to a computer, you need to make sure that the source is legitimate;
  • you need to make sure that the service developer is verified and that the bot is not asking for excessive permissions or personal data from the user.

Source: Ferra

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