Netflix has released a new film “Money Shot: The Pornhub Story”, dedicated to the porn site Pornhub.

This is a documentary film that tells about the formation and development of the porn industry in general and Pornhub in particular. The film was directed by the little-known Suzanne Hillinger.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

The history of the tourist porn site in the world

As usual in genres, stories are success stories that could not be realized without a series of ups and downs. On the way of development, the company had its own problems, without which it was impossible to use in the industry.

What is the movie about: adult films have recently become wildly popular, and to a greater extent due to the recognition of the most popular site Pornhub. Here is a collection of films of various genres: both from amateurs and from professional porn studios.

The portal visits every month over 3.5 billion users worldwide (that’s more than any streaming platform). But few people know that in addition to the entertaining situation, there is also a certain dark side here, which is unlikely to be expected by the likelihood of a porn actress. Often they had to deal with the most real sexual offenses against their will.

A negative phenomenon on the public entertainment party for adults without waiting for a long time to wait. That is what this story is about.

The authors of the Pornhub TV project on the back. There are many pitfalls in the history of the site, given the large number of scandals.

It was on this that the developers made the project. Many of these carry with them the consequences of illegal acts against porn stars, the group has often been extended by couples due to its embracing families or supporting excitable actions against its employees as well as children.

This is some a collection of many repetitions, many of which concern even not the best employees. In the course of studying the materials, the authors interviewed major and former stars and competing companies.

We are also told about the requirement to work on the site itself.

For example, many moderators change 3-8 videos per 8,000th shift, but it was physically impossible, so many videos were skipped, which caused content to suffer, objects filled the resource.

They also established the determination of the age of actresses in commercials, so as not to violate the law, and this was far from always possible.

There were also problems there are many even today. The management personally dealt with some authors, but the main points concerned precisely illegal actions that no one in the company knew about in advance, but somehow you need to deal with this. In addition, the stars themselves are often present from fans, but there are also positives. And this is what we are reminded of, presenting different points of view.

This is a documentary that will be interesting to watch for everyone (18+)

The film reveals the industry and shows how they work with such content in the big world.

At the same time, the authors of the review show that this is the same difficult job as, for example, in a large IT company. And this is exactly the right comparison, because MindGeek operates the sister site Pornhub exactly as a technology corporation. Here, even a big stubborn fight is being waged against child pornography.

The actors themselves constantly raise topics the Internet and often talk about the network has long ceased to be anonymous.

The platform itself is also constantly changing – even the rule to allow downloading videos only from verified users is repeatedly applied. No matter how the global battles were, it was sex workers who suffered, losing and constantly enduring pressure.

Worth a look

In the movie Money Shot: The Story of Pornhub, quite serious topics are raised, and not all of them relate to the porn site itself in the world.

In many cases, we are talking about ordinary people. The authors of the project were able to correctly present their problems in the surrounding reality and firmly connect with it.

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