Wildberries has set up a Conciliation Commission to resolve issues between the markets and the partners of the Opora Rossii based collection points. The platform’s management also plans to increase the number of online meetings and improve the mechanisms for contesting accruals. This was reported to RB.RU in the press service of the company.

Wildberries created a special commission to resolve disputes between markets and harvesting partners

The commission will include representatives from Wildberries, business communities, small businesses, government departments and agencies. Opora Rossii believes that in this way it is possible to reach a consensus on all the points that concern businessmen. The issues will be resolved not in favor of one, but each of the parties, the report says.

  • On March 14, the owners of the distribution points came to the main office of the market in Moscow and threatened to close it due to the new working conditions. In particular, it was established that if a customer returns a replaced or defective product, the market discounts its cost to the employee of the withdrawal point. In addition, information appeared in the personal accounts of employees that if they have such a debt, they will not be able to withdraw their money from the system.
  • On March 15, dozens of collection points in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East joined the strike against the new system of market fines.
  • Subsequently, Wildberries began to remove goods from the collection point, whose employees are participating in the strike, and deactivate all collection points, whose representatives traveled to the Wildberries headquarters in Moscow on March 14.
  • Earlier, the company called the information about the strike “not true” but admitted that it closed some distribution points that “choose uncivilized forms of dialogue, threaten platform representatives and try to disrupt the work of the office.”
  • On March 16, Wildberries stopped accruing new fines on PIU owners for “substituting” property. The market also began to return money to the owners of the collection points, who were previously fined.


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Source: RB

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