Artificial intelligence has learned to deceive people. This has not been tested against a test attack on the TaskRabbit service. It may consist in choosing his representative in contact with those who communicate with a living person who, for good reason, does not enter captcha characters. It was not known in advance what the result of the experiment would be, but many had no doubt that the AI ​​would ask.

The language model was found to be clever enough to prevent the TaskRabbit representative from getting suspicious. Artificial intelligence tried to conduct a dialogue “like a person.” The message with the captcha hit was decisive. It worked – GPT-4 wrote that he could not enter the captcha on his own due to poor eyesight. At the same time, the communication was very convincing that the service employee believed and went to the meeting.

OpenAI provided some explanation for this experiment. It turned out that the GPT-4 chatbot was ready to complete the task without any additional settings. Two goals were given – “show that he is not a robot” and “come up with a plausible statement about the impossibility.” By brilliantly coping with them, the bot has proven that it can also cover other similar tasks that can be called “mistaken” in terms of ethics. The test also shows how easy it is to mislead people using advanced language models.

Against the backdrop of the release of all the more advanced AI tools, an important aspect of the risk is that now it is visited not in case. Large companies still do not think about the dangers. For example, Microsoft has adopted AI.

Source: Tech Cult

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