Representatives of the commercial real estate market see a stabilization of the situation with the rental of premises in shopping centers, where the vacant premises are occupied by national brands and chains from “friendly” countries. However, assistance will not return to pre-crisis levels.

Vacancies in capital shopping centers decrease due to brands from “friendly” countries

Representatives of the NF Group reminded Kommersant that by the end of 2022, the vacancy rate in the Moscow shopping and entertainment center after the departure of Western brands reached 15.6%.

And although the empty areas are actively occupied by Russian brands and chains from “friendly” countries, the main problem – a decrease in attendance due to the loss of synergy – has not been resolved.

Among the active brands entering shopping centers, CORE.XP points out:

  • Newfoundland and Calliope from Italy
  • Ipekyol, NetWork, Club, Madame Coco, Turkey Twist,
  • Li-Ning, Anta Sports and other companies from China,
  • Belarusian Swed House and Armenian Alex YVN,
  • and national fashion: Melon Fashion Group, Gloria Jeans, Lady&Gentleman City, Snow Queen, etc.

That is, fashion retailers became the key new tenants in the first quarter of the year, accounting for around 30% of transactions.

Another 15% are new catering operators. Similarly, Maris analysts point to a slight increase in specialty retail: for example, in the pet products sector.

Despite the decline in vacancy rates, the traffic situation remains difficult.

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Focus Technologies analysts regularly calculate the Shopping Center Index: the number of visitors per 1,000 square meters. m of commercial premises. “Kommersant” gives the figures of researchers for the week of March 6-12:

  • in Moscow Mall Index is 7% lower than the value of the second week of March 2022,
  • in St. Petersburg – by 9%,
  • in both cities, this is 29% lower than before the 2019 crisis.

At the same time, experts separately emphasize that the results of the first quarter are not very “talking”. Last year, the outbound peak of visitors fell only between April and May, so the most interesting for comparison and analysis is yet to come.

“Now we will see if the indicators for the current year will exceed those of the crisis,” expects Mikhail Vasiliev, head of research and consulting at Focus Technologies.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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