Bye Mark Zuckerberg is only going to and will release the iPad version of the application, using WhatsApp on the tablet is already possible through the web version service.

Now it is considered about all the features and priorities of WhatsApp on the iPad

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To set up WhatsApp on iPad, you must already have an activated account, you can create it on any smartphone. You won’t be able to register a new WhatsApp account on iPad.

How to set up WhatsApp on iPad

1. Open Safari and find a site with a web version of the messenger.

2. On a smartphone (it can be either an iPhone or an Android gadget), the WhatsApp application and most of the Settings – Linked Devices.

3. Click the button Device binding and scan the QR code from the tablet screen.

The web version of the app will be synced with iPhone, you can use WhatsApp on iPad.

4. Click the button Share and select the item Add to Home Screen.

So you can add an icon to the desktop to quickly launch the messenger. After opening the first desktop, you may need to authorize the program through your smartphone.

In this way, you can link up to 4 gadgets (tablets or computers) to one account on your smartphone.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp on iPad

Notifications will only be made using badges, and for some actions you will need to go to the iPhone.

Most of the messenger options are available on the tablet, you can even use WhatsApp if the smartphone is not nearby or connected to the network.

However, the web version has several limitations:

No system of life. This is not a WhatsApp issue, but a general closing of web apps in Safari. Even at WWDC 2022, Cupertino announced the possibility of displaying a banner for web applications in a standard browser iOS 16 And iPadOS 16but later pushed back the release to 2023.

When the new chat program is launched, there will be messages in the list, but there will be no convenient banners and sounds yet.

No audio or video phones available. You can only chat and exchange content or audio messages with interlocutors.

There will be many shortcuts available on the console

Some account settings are missing. Some settings can only be changed on the iPhone.

iPad may shut down WhatsApp in the background. Due to the nature of Apple’s mobile OS, programs in the background may pause or detect the need to seek out the device’s memory.

This is not a big problem, considering that setting up the web version of the messenger still does not know how to send.

That’s how you can develop your messaging and WhatsApp experience beyond your own smartphone.

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