In the past few days Giorgia Melonic he delivered his first speech as prime minister and will find himself leading the country through it economic and energy crisis important. But what are yours? environmental and energy policy?

Speaking of the environment, he said: Roger ScrutonEnglish philosopher very close to the Conservative Party, emphasizing the importance of environmental heritage protection. At the same time, he condemned theideological environmental awarenessdefending a concept of nature including human interests.

From an energy point of view, the Meloni government’s strategy appears to be in line with the previous one Draghi government and from Minister Cingolani. In fact, alongside the concept of environmental protection, words like gas, drilling and regasifiers have been juxtaposed. Also based on what has been claimed by the new Environment Minister Picchetto Fratin, the aim is to continue on the path mapped out by the previous executive.

Meloni himself said that “there are gas fields in the Mediterranean that we need to exploit”. Continue on the line of to drill it means renewing the concessions of the oil companies and consequently the investments of the PNRR. The search for new gas also brings a smaller margin for developing sustainable energy.

Source: Lega Nerd

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