The system algorithms are similar to GPT-3.5 and can be used on both PC and single board systems like Raspberry Pi. Second, it makes the technology a much more accessible solution for users than the development of OpenAI.

The authors of the project stated that their budget for Alpaca 7B is only $600.

ChatGPT is known for its flexibility, but researchers say it outperforms it in some areas. In particular, Stanford development has demonstrated its ability to provide more nuanced and precise answers in certain contexts. For example, when answering complex questions or giving advice on specific issues.

Recall that not so long ago OpenAI released an updated language model, GPT-4. It is claimed to be even more perfect against the GPT-3 than its predecessor. So the latest version of the model has 10 trillion parameters. For comparison, the third version had only 175 billion parameters.

Source: Ferra

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