Yandex.Market informed its partner pickup points (POPs) about the changes from April 1, 2023: entrepreneurs expect an increase in the number of orders per point and new indicators for POPs. The thresholds and percentages when calculating the calculation of remuneration for issuing orders will not change.

“Yandex.Market” warned partners problem points about the growth in the number of orders for the point from April 1

What will change:

  • The number of orders per point of sale will increase due to the automatic closure of unbranded collection points that are within the security zone of a branded point of sale. So far, the Market team disables such pickup points manually. “Now everything will happen quickly so that the owners of branded pickup points receive more orders, and buyers immediately get used to going to such pickup points,” said the Yandex Market Pickup Point Telegram channel.
  • The maximum number of sellers per point of sale that send return orders will be increased.
  • Some types of cargo will stop operating: it will be possible to accept heavier and oversized packages at the collection point.
  • Working conditions will be more uniform. When calculating the volume of issued orders, which affects a partner’s reward, the prices of goods excluding VAT will now be taken into account, as well as the volume of customer returns will be deducted. Thus, the calculation will comply with the usual market standards.
  • New indicators are being introduced for the collection point: the effective rate, as well as the base and final remuneration.


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Source: RB

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