Galaxy S10 does not infringe the trademark rights of music producer S10 Entertainment. A federal jury in Los Angeles ruled last Monday (20), after the company tried to sue Samsung for the use of that name in its mobile phones.

Working curiously with singer Anitta in the US, S10 Entertainment was suing Samsung, accusing the Galaxy S10 of causing confusion among consumers and thus damaging its brand. The allegations were considered by a jury, who decided that the production company did not provide sufficient evidence that this had happened.

Samsung has been making Galaxy S series smartphones since 2010, while S10 Entertainment was founded in 2017. But the Galaxy S10 was launched specifically in 2019. The producer stated that Samsung used fonts and colors similar to the agency’s logo on the S10. and he also said he was aware of the South Korean company’s existence because they had even negotiated an agreement with Anitta to advertise cell phones.

“As a result of confusion between Samsung’s S10 series phones and the S10 Entertainment brand, the value and goodwill of S10 Entertainment’s Instagram and social media reach has been severely diminished,” the company filed a lawsuit.

Samsung defended itself by saying it would prioritize the S10 name because it had already established the Galaxy S series, and also pointed out that it would take too long for S10 Entertainment to finalize a lawsuit.

No company has yet commented on the jury’s decision.

Source: Tec Mundo

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