Former CEO of Alfa-Bank’s Potok crowd-lending site and founder of the GoExpert service for business consultants, Nikita Abramenko, launched the Humo platform to attract investment in small and medium-sized businesses from a loyal audience: subscribers, users or partners.

Former CEO of Alfa-Bank’s Potok launched a service to collect investment from users and partners

The service works in the Russian Federation, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and the United Arab Emirates. The creation of Humo was financed by the founder of the platform for the legal acceptance of cryptocurrencies for legal entities Calypso Alexei Korneev (invested $ 100 thousand), Azat Shakurov and Albert Arsentiev (2 million rubles each).

“We have created a platform that allows any company and even a blogger to collect investments (not donations) from their audience, and at the same time through many different tools (digital financial assets, loans, SPV) in six countries, which it is convenient for those who have left,” said RB .RU Abramenko.

According to Abramenko, now small and medium-sized businesses are taking loans or money from funds and investors, which the Humo founder sees as a limited form of financing.

“Such project financing works only for the “krupnyak”. At the same time, more and more companies have already grown their communities, their loyal audience. For example, 12Storeez has 1.5 million followers. And with an audience of 10-30 thousand people, there are already thousands of companies/bloggers. Such a loyal audience is ready to invest, knowingly trusting the founder or the brand”, explained the entrepreneur.

According to Abramenko, there can be many models for this type of investment, basically clients are offered to give their investors a share of the profits – investors (a kind of quasi-shares), which is much more interesting for investors and much more. profitable for companies. . Or, for example, open a new point and distribute the profit only from it.

By this model, the Power of the Wind sailing community is already attracting investment through Humo. The company raises money to open new locations, increase the number of ships, and develop in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.


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Source: RB

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