The amusement park network of the Zamaniya family of Pavel Kovsharov raised RUB 166 million in 2022 for business development from individuals within the framework of a specially created joint-stock company. Previously, the company was looking for large investors for its objectives.

The Zamaniya family amusement park network attracted 166 million rubles from individuals in 2022

In November 2021, Zamania created JSC Entertainment Management Company to work with small investors, a representative of the project told RB.RU. In 2022, the network within JSC managed to attract 166 million rubles, the company has already paid the first dividends to 15 investors – from 45 thousand rubles to 1.8 million rubles (17% per annum of funds invested by an individual).

The company has chosen JSC because this structure allows it to work with more than 50 investors, and also assumes the protection of the interests of minority shareholders within the framework of the corporation law.

“When it comes to buying a share in an LLC, there are significant risks of dilution, and the founder himself risks being in a situation where the investor, who has the same rights as him, will interfere with his work. The creation of the public limited company allowed, on the one hand, to ensure the profitability of investors receiving dividends and, on the other hand, to give freedom of action to the management company within the framework of operational management”, explained the representative of Zamaniya.

Investors’ funds were used to develop the company in Russia, create new parks, open a kitchen factory and other goals. In 2023, the company plans to attract investment to buy other small businesses in the children’s entertainment market, uniting them under its own brand.

At first, Zamania worked with individuals, attracting loans from 24% to 18% per year and gradually reducing the percentage. With these investments, the company has built several parks. The first major investor was the Osnova fund, owned by Alexander Ruchyev and Yegor Khramov. The fund acquired 30% of the company in 2018 and in 2020 decided to sell its stake and withdraw from the project.

Zamania was founded in November 2015. According to the Kontur.Fokus system, the revenue of Zamaniya’s main legal entity, Zamaniya LLC, at the end of 2021 amounted to 1.2 billion rubles against 646 million rubles in 2020. The profit net amounted to 53 million rubles against a net loss of 52 million rubles in 2020.


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Source: RB

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