WhatsApp messenger, which is by far the favorite of Brazilians in the industry, is one of the most used applications throughout the year. The platform has been incorporated into daily life, whether it is talking to friends and relatives, making a doctor’s appointment or managing a business.

In 2023, the service has improved significantly and gained a number of new features. Functions improve the app experience, make conversations safer, and add new ways to interact with people and brands. Below, we’ve picked our favorite additions to the app throughout the year.

The best features added to WhatsApp in 2023

1. Original quality photos and videos

possible from this year Send photos or videos in the file’s native size and resolution for other people – without compression, which significantly reduces the quality of images.

This new feature has been highly requested by the community: previously it was possible to do this by sending the file as a document, but this workaround is no longer necessary.

2. Channels

WhatsApp channels.

channels Special WhatsApp pages that act as update lists It’s about a topic like celebrities, companies or football teams. Only admins can post messages, the community (which remains anonymous to other members) can only react with emojis. HE TecMundo And voxel They already have their own channel, join them here!

3. Video messages

Although many people do not support this format, “sending audio via WhatsApp” has become routine. Another quick message engine added in 2023: instant and short video recordingsthe message goes directly to the conversation.

Video messages.

Videos can be up to 60 seconds long and the recording method is the same as audio; slide your finger across the screen to “lock” the shot without having to “hold down” the button.

4. Communities

communities Networks up to 50 groups of 5k participants. The idea is that members can enter. “Sub-conversations” on specific topicsThey are all under the management of the same team and united by a common bond.


This is a special case: communities have already existed on WhatsApp since last year, but the platform only released the new feature in Brazil in 2023 to prevent criminal use of the resource during the election period.

5. Edit messages

Messages have been edited.

Sent a message with incorrect information or a serious typo? In 2023, messaging released the option that allows you to edit a text within 15 minutes of sending it. The message bubble indicates that the content has been changed, but it is not possible to see the change history.

6. Screen Sharing

During a video call with someone, you can now share the contents of your tablet or mobile phone screen with your face right in the corner of the screen.

Screen sharing.

WhatsApp is not widely used for corporate matters, but this function can be helpful for those who are meeting via messenger and need to make a slide show or want to show a step-by-step process in real time using their mobile phone.

7. Audio Transcription

Additionally, the long-awaited voice-to-text function by the community Automatically transcribes received voice message to text, so you understand the content when you cannot listen to a message at the moment. However, this feature also depends on the clarity of the voice and the user’s diction for word recognition.

8. “Discord-like” voice chat

Voice chat.

One of the last features that started to appear for WhatsApp in 2023 was the new continuous voice chats for groups. Available for calls with 33 to 128 participants, the feature is similar to the Discord messenger: a parallel chat to the always-active text messages of the call for participants who just want to chat by voice.

9. Artificial Intelligence stickers

Of course, WhatsApp has capitalized on the artificial intelligence (AI) wave and added a function in this space. Instead of reusing a sticker from your list, the new feature allows you to describe a scene with a sentence and get an original sticker as a result. Creations can be saved to your gallery for use in other conversations.

10. Conversations locked with password

Chat blocking.

Some conversations are more private than others because they relate to corporate or personal matters. In 2023, messenger added a privacy feature in these cases. What’s new is a separate tab containing blocked chats, which are only released with the user’s permission via password, fingerprint or facial recognition.

11. Account on multiple devices

Multiple account usage.

It is now possible to use the same WhatsApp profile on five different mobile phones at the same time; one of them is the main phone and can switch between Android and iOS. The idea is that the feature will be used by both employees of a company and people who use multiple devices for any reason.

12. Two accounts on one mobile phone

Two accounts on one mobile phone.

At the same time, WhatsApp also introduced a feature that allows you to use two different accounts on the same mobile phone. This measure clearly separates, for example, the personal profile from the professional profile and prevents you from needing another smartphone for this.

Previously, it was possible to have only two profiles using unofficial applications, which are not recommended for security reasons.

13. Single Ringtones

Unique voice notes.

The newest feature that WhatsApp offers is single-play audios. Just like messages in the same format, you can only listen to a voice message once before it self-destructs. The goal, according to the company, is “so you can share confidential information without the file being exposed,” such as personal data or surprises.

So, which of the new features added by WhatsApp is your favorite? Are there any features you hope will appear in Messenger in 2024? Tell us on social media!

Source: Tec Mundo

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