Authors and companies will now be able to promote VKontakte videos and live streams through VK Reklama. This is indicated in the VK message.

“VK Advertising” began to promote videos and live broadcasts of the authors of “VKontakte”

Advertising videos and live streams will allow creators and businesses to get more views at a lower cost. According to VK estimates, the cost of viewing a video using the new promotion method costs advertisers an average of 66% less.

Previously, broadcasts and videos were promoted using VKontakte promotional posts. The key difference of the new method is the algorithms.

To run video and streaming ads, a creator or business must select a community and upload videos to the video section. Up to ten videos can be promoted at the same time. You also need to register in “VK Advertising” under the VK ID. In the near future, the tool will be available to all users of the platform.

VK Advertising algorithms will analyze the content of the communities and videos and display ads to the users who are most likely to see them.

The advertiser does not need to study the campaign settings and monitor the results – the algorithms themselves analyze the effectiveness of the promotion and automatically manage the budget.


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Source: RB

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