Chinese startup Siweifushe has created a remote kissing device, according to The Guardian. The device was called MUA.

Chinese startup has invented a remote kissing device

In the silicone lips of the device, special sensors were introduced that collect information about the kiss. During the act itself, the device makes characteristic sounds and becomes warmer.

The data that the device collects is processed and sent to another person in a special application. The second user uploads the information and his device simulates a kiss according to the information received. The gadget processes the movement of the lips and sounds. Information about someone’s kiss can be sent to third parties.

The developers also provided the ability to download a kiss profile that someone else uploaded and play it on your device.

The idea for a non-standard device was born during the quarantine measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, when people were locked up at home and did not see their loved ones for a long time, says Zhao Jianbo, one of the creators of MUA. .

According to him, in two weeks after the launch of the device in January this year, the company sold more than 3 thousand devices. Another 20 thousand buyers have placed orders. The cost of the device is $38 or 260 yuan.

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Users found the invention ambiguously, writes The Guardian. Some complained about the feeling of discomfort during the kiss. The main complaint was the lack of language.


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