For those who have had enough of endless flights on the seats of the economy, immersed in utter boredom, here’s a novelty! If you had recently read about Lufthansa’s longest flight, now the shortest flight in the world. It would be nice to leave for a dream destination and get there in a flash. Well it happened in Scotland between two islands of the Orkney Archipelago. Of these, only 20 of the 70 are inhabited. To reach themaeroplane it is the ideal remedy. They are located 10 miles north of the north coast of Scotland. Between the two named Westray and Papa Westray, there is a link to overcome the sea that separates them.

The cost is sunshine 7.25 pounds every road. Loganair has been the airline operating this route since the 1960s. The distance is very short, 2.7 km, and has seen the time record of 53 seconds, a full 47 seconds with favorable winds. You don’t even notice you’re on the plane, so it’s the shortest flight in the world. The aircraft is a Britten Norman Islander, a twin-engine high-wing. Only one pilot is needed and can accommodate up to 8 passengers. It has a short landing and take-off area (STOL capability), it is ideal for short runways.

To be reduced speed it has a maximum speed of about 270 km/h. It is recommended for tourist overflights and itineraries similar to these islands. Ideal for residents using this service for travel related to work and school commitments. It is used by tourists and flying enthusiasts to experience the thrill of the shortest flight in the world!

Source: Lega Nerd

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