VKontakte has introduced several new ML tools for creating multimedia content. One of them is an app that will automatically improve video quality, turn a horizontal video into a vertical one, and replace a person with a deepfake.

VK introduced new tools for creating multimedia content

The VKontakte social network presented tools for content creation at the traditional Content Day event.

in the new separate application, whose work is based on ML tools and neural networks, users will be able to improve the quality of the video, remove objects from the video or replace the person in it using a deepfake. It will also be possible to turn a horizontal video into a vertical one: the background outside the frame will be created by algorithms.

In “VK Clips” will appear functional video editor, in which it will be possible to perform flexible color correction of the video. Also in the “Clips” will be the ability to extract sound from non-musical videos.

In addition, VKontakte announced the feature online dubbing in Russian. Voice acting synthesized by neural networks will be as similar as possible to the voice of the actor in the frame with all the features of his speech, VKontakte specified.

Inside Vkontakte you can create tables and boards, edit articles, lists and more.

“The editor can become the main tool for daily teamwork on materials of different formats,” said the social network.

In addition, new VKontakte tools will allow translate texts in four languages ​​(by the end of the year, in eight languages), improve spelling and punctuation in texts, create relevant covers for communities and avatars for profiles.

In addition, Vkontakte began to test restarting the “Communities” section. It will be based on a recommendation system with a personalized selection of posts and content on a different set of topics.

On the Day of Content 2022 “VKontakte” inserted a new community design, an improved recommendation system and new content monetization tools.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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