The 10th-gen iPad crashed with a spectacular price cut

The 64GB version with Wi-Fi is available for 539 euros.

The full-screen design of this iPad Pro model is a tribute to the elegance of minimalism.

Thinking of getting an iPad? Want to give someone a special gift and don’t know what to get? So dear friend, you are in the right place. At least for me, a humble and avid fan of mobile software, Apple’s iPad 2022 is an essential day-to-day tool.

As the good old Tim Cook often said: “there’s an app for everything”. Like this, iPad can be a versatile instrument Perform any task such as making shopping lists, freehand drawing, writing articles, taking notes in class, watching TV series and movies online, and many other daily activities.

iPad (10th generation)

iPad 10 available at a heavily discounted price on Amazon

The iPad you see here is (or should be) the iPad most loved and desired by Apple users. Not because he’s the strongest, the prettiest—as it is to me—not even the smallest… because it’s the natural evolution of the original iPad. This is the 10th anniversary iPad and it shows that Apple took great care in developing it.

In any case, it is a real gem at the performance level. I had the opportunity to try it and I must say that it definitely met all my expectations. Screened size 10.9 inches Ideal to hold in one hand and on chip. A14 Bionic It’s almost as powerful as M1 processors, meaning you’ll hardly notice any difference in heavier tasks.

The only downside to this 2022 iPad is that it doesn’t support Apple’s recently added Visual Editor or Scene Manager functionality. But usually nothing will happen if you don’t use it or don’t like it. Otherwise, it’s an excellent iPad and highly recommended.

10th generation iPad, 529 euros and 7% off at Amazon with Wi-Fi and 64GB storage. It is blue, silver, red or yellow in color.

iPad (10th generation)

This is a very special iPad and it can be yours for a very low price. For example, at PC Components, the same model is offered in silver for 559 Euros and with 64GB of storage.

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