Last Thursday (12), Samsung announced the company’s new digital specialist, digital avatar, to help Latin American consumers dispel doubts on digital channels, social networks and the South Korean company’s online store. It will respond to information about the company’s devices, functions and services.

The character was first introduced in 2021 and “worked” for Samsung as a product training facilitator at the time. For now, Sam will only debut in Latin America for the company’s Multi-Device Experience (MDE) – an ecosystem of connectivity between multiple devices.

Samsung’s new digital version will appear in the SmartThings app and will first provide information about the new The Freestyle smart projector and 5G connectivity available on the Galaxy S22. Samsung’s goal is to continue to explore other branded products with the help of SAM.

“These are the first steps of SAM, a charismatic character keeping up with trends and latest developments in the digital world. Anna Karina Pinto, Samsung Brazil’s corporate marketing director, said she will now play an important role in Samsung’s awareness campaigns aimed at young consumers, especially Gen Z.

“Our aim is to strengthen the consistency of our brand’s presence in the region,” the Samsung executive concluded. In other words, the trend is that we see Sam appearing more and more on the brand’s official channels in Brazil.

With the multi-device experience, Sam will support users’ experience of using multiple internet-connected devices controlled via the SmartThings app. More details about the avatar will be posted on Samsung’s social media.

Image: Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, 128GB
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