Neuropsychiatrist Dean Burnett donates 5 important tips to make ours productivity at most. The expert explains that it depends on our conscious and unconscious attention system. The latter distracts us with small noises and much more. However, when we listen to music in the background, the unconscious attention remains focused on our main goal.

It is essential to sleep at the right hours for our bodies to be hyper-productive. In addition, plants help the environment and increase the concentration. Physical training and a healthy diet balance psychophysical well-being and productivity. The healthier the body, the better the brain performs. The important thing is to understand which method is useful for us to stay focused and work better.

Here’s a summary of the 5 tips that neuropsychiatrist Burnett, author of many books on psychology and the cognitive system, suggests to increase our productivity. If a person feels tired and the infernal heat does not help, here is how to start the engine of the body.

Source: Lega Nerd

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