In Russia, one in five companies continues to use the services of freelance specialists. Most often, programmers, drivers, sellers and designers are involved in cooperation.

One in five companies uses the services of freelancers: study

Small businesses are 23% more likely to use freelancers than larger businesses and companies, according to a SuperJob survey.

Among companies across industries, the self-employed are most often hired by employers in the transportation and logistics industry (32%), construction organizations (29%), and IT companies (22%).

The study was conducted in all districts of Russia from March 1 to 23, 2023. The survey involved HR managers and other personnel representatives of companies responsible for the selection of employees in the state, a total of 1 thousand people. .

  • By 2023, the number of self-employed may nearly double, to 10 million people, YuKassa analysts forecast. According to Podrabotki, for companies, the main factor when finding freelance specialists is their professional skills (67%). Many companies also value the willingness of freelancers to perform services in the near future (51%) and their work experience (42%).


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Source: RB

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