Steck is a specialized Brazilian company founded in 1975. smart home solutions. The company, which produces electrical and electronic products for residential, commercial and industrial use, exports it to 18 countries, especially Latin America.

The brand stands out product quality and innovations is always looking for smart devices to make users’ life easier. The company’s activities are in line with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) sustainability. An example of this is the binding of the Global Compact to Rede Brasil in 2021.

smart home appliance suggestions

The company’s Smarteck series products allow various equipment in the home to be controlled via an app on smartphones or tablets. Switches, sockets, presence sensors, It stands out for its ease of installation.forconfiguration and Integration with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

1. Smarteck 12W Smart Bulb

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Make your home smart with Alexa or Google Assistant or Smarteck app, turn your home lighting on and off with voice command.

163.27 BRL

The smart lamp Smarteck is 12W dual volt and Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which lets you turn the lighting on and off via the Smarteck app available on the Play Store and App Store or with voice command. The device works over a 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

The product offers configuration of scenes with light intensity adjustments and choice between options. 16 million colors. The smart lamp has a timer, scheduling to turn the lights on or off, and weather forecast programming.

2. Smarteck 4X2 Smart Switch

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Image: Smarteck 4X2" Smart Switch, 1 Module

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Blue LED light indicator for remote activation over Wi-Fi and easy-to-install night vision.

185.66 BRL

In addition to functions common to connected devices, such as turning programming on and off via the app or voice assistants, the Smarteck 4X2 Smart Switch, ease of installation without affecting the residential structure. The product allows you to configure simple and parallel connections without the need for cables through the application.

The smart key also power monitoring with app, plus an LED indicator that makes it easy to see at night. The panel is made of high quality tempered glass. it does not fade. Also, the producer is bivolt.

3. Smarteck Infrared Universal Intelligent Control

Image: Smarteck Infrared Universal Smart Control:
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can voice control your devices,

Create rules and scenes to make your home even smarter with 360-degree coverage and 8 meters unobstructed distance.

Smarteck Infrared Universal Smart Control allows you to control any device controlled by infraredLike TVs, air conditioning and home theater from voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant or via the Steck app.

With 360º coverage and 8 meters unobstructed range, it is possible to combine the configuration of different devices with a single command to create rules and scenes to make a smart home. The device is small and discreet with a length and width of 6 centimeters and a height of 3 centimeters.

4. Smarteck Smart Plug, 10A

Image: Smarteck Smart Plug
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Turn your home appliances on and off with voice command with Alexa or Google Assistant or Smarteck app. Bivolt with Wi-Fi remote activation.

The Smarteck Smart Plug allows home appliances to be controlled by voice command or the company’s app. Available in two voltages, the product easy to install and has a timer. The device complies with the Brazilian standard for 2P+T (two pins plus ground) and 250 V plugs and sockets.

With remote activation via Wi-Fi, it is possible to control your smart home electronic equipment from your mobile phone, as well as to program the working hours of electronic devices through voice assistants.

5. Smarteck Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Camera

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Image: Smarteck Wi-Fi External Smart Camera

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Control your home wherever you are with the application compatible with mobile phone, IOS & Android systems. camera fHD movies and recordings with bi-directional audio are IP65 rated and ideal for heat and rain resistant outdoor environments.

498.67 BRL

Steck’s Wi-Fi Smart Camera is ideal for outdoor environments. Has motion sensor and night vision, plus HD recording with two-way audio. model It has IP65 certificationguarantees resistance to rain and heat.

Device Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri for motion detection alerts and sounds. The camera is made of durable material and can be expanded with a card up to 128GB.

Installation is simple and can be attached to any wall. Images can be followed in real time with an application compatible with IOS and Android systems with mobile phones. However, the preview is not compatible with the Alexa Echo Show and Google Chromecast.

6. Smarteck WiFi Digital Lock

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Image: Smarteck Wi-Fi Digital Lock

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Open and close your door remotely with a password, digitally or via Wi-Fi with the Smarteck app. this is possibleReset password remotely for service providers or rentals.

1,769.97 BRL

Smarteck Wi-Fi Digital Lock Allows the door to be opened and closed with a password, digitally or remotely via Wi-Fi with the company’s app. The device can be remotely triggered to generate temporary passwords for service providers or rentals and still control who enters and exits the smart home.

However, it is possible to open the lock with a key, card, personalized code or biometrics. Register up to 100 fingerprints. The smart lock even has an integrated bell for added convenience. The product comes with two smart cards and two keys in addition to the inner panel and outer panel.

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