Luxurious Lamborghini cars, until recently, did not have the value of general concern for the environment. No, with the release of the Revuelto supercar, the first hybrid model, the company is showing what goes with the world. The car is so dynamic, sporty and environmentally friendly. And yet, the novelty turned out to be very, very controversial. One of the extremely remarkable nuances was the course of only 10 kilometers on completely coastal traction.

A machine that is focused on technology is not important for autonomy, but speed and acceleration during acceleration are important. Vehicle-mounted internal combustion engine head charging body of view using regenerative braking on the th front 6th front. Under the hood of the novelty, a 12-cylinder power plant with a capacity of 814 hp is installed, delivering up to 9250 rpm. Due to a well-thought-out air supply system, engine power is 126 hp. With. per liter of volume and, recognized by the brand’s engineers, this is the most productive engine in the history of the company.

Lamborghini Whipped

The design of the car shows the influence of aerospace technology. The developers used the familiar details of the models of yesteryear to make the novelty more business. For this reason, the machine was equipped with high-tech technology. This is not a budget option, there is no video and video player in any system. Branded applications for watches and smartphones are also previewed, de-use of deleted material

The Lamborghini Revuelto is considered the company’s first step towards a full-fledged supercar in 2030. The hybrid supercar went on sale at the end of the year for a fantastic price of 542,165 dollars.

Source: Tech Cult

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