In 2023, against the background of low consumer demand and the lack of centralized deliveries of European cars to Russia, we should not expect positive sales dynamics. However, a car shortage is not expected this year, Andrey Olkhovsky, general director of Avtodom Group of Companies, told RB.RU.

The share of Chinese cars in Russia in 2023 can reach 60% – Avtodom

Niches that until recently were occupied by car brands from leading European, American and Japanese automakers are gradually being filled by Chinese and Russian automakers.

This year, China’s car share will continue to grow and could reach 60%. This is due to the fact that Chinese car manufacturers are still very interested in the Russian car market and intend to significantly increase the sales of their cars in the country. To do this, they are actively developing their representative networks, opening unified spare parts warehouses and modern service centers.

China is now the world’s largest manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs). Taking into account the plans of Chinese companies to expand their presence in the Russian Federation and the fact that cars from China for various models in Russia do not yet have real competitors, it is possible that already in 2023 Chinese NEVs will take a certain share. in the sales structure in the Russian Federation, the analyst suggested.

According to Olkhovsky, negotiations with Chinese partners are being actively conducted both for the status of an official distributor and dealer, and for the possibilities of organizing a joint assembly venture.

In 2023, Russian distributors will continue to offer European brands to customers through parallel imports. However, the supply volumes under this scheme are not large and are economically beneficial only for cars in the premium segment.

According to the car expert, the average cost of cars that need to be imported through parallel imports is 3-5 million rubles. It is worth spending at least 400 thousand rubles for the delivery of each of them, not counting excise duties and VAT.

  • In 2022, according to a study by Avtostat, the share of Chinese cars increased 3.5 times, at the beginning of 2023 it was 36%. Most of the new registrations were for cars of the Chery, Haval and Geely brands.


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Source: RB

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