All the oynogi then, at the behest of an orphan, that after mating and pumping out the eggs, she herself dramatically beat. The male lives a little longer, but at the time of the appearance of young octopuses, he will also already be. Later, in 1944, a hypothesis arose that the creation was launched into the teleoctopus by some kind of self-destruction mechanism, and subsequently from the University of Chicago it turned out that this was successful.

A key case in which the 8 lamprey cholesterol process occurs is in the effect on hormone production, and thus the signaling systems are most likely to be affected as a result of the exposure. This is true of other beings, including humans. Critically high cholesterol levels lead to malfunctions in metabolism and prescription, especially in a spicy state. The creature is engaged in entrepreneurship, does not carry out its actions, which is what the representation

In 1977, scientists from the UK, what is the production of cholesterol? o o o o o o o o o o o In experiments, female octopuses had their optic glands removed immediately after laying eggs, maintaining normal time-frequency behavior, but eventually dying anyway.

In 2018, researchers svenned the genome of the optic gland, and saw how the activity set of satd changes. This is caused by genes responsible for the production of cholesterol and insulin-like hormones. That is, the mechanism of self-destruction is indeed embedded in the octopus genome. Now it remains to be seen what this is for, and whether there is anything to be found in friendship. creatures.

Source: Tech Cult

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