People do not know much about how heavy lightning rods work, despite the fact that these protective devices have been found in 18 more cases of detection and rescue from destruction and fires of many buildings. We know that an aluminum or copper rod, placed in the highest setting of the landscape, diverts the charge of energy from the building to the ground through the connecting wires.

Likewise, it wasn’t that bad, that’s what I saw. Or not at all. At that moment, when I opened my eyes, I jumped out into the sky, after I opened the sky in the sky. And I was not so implausible in the photographs – I saw everything on the video. The Brazilians, due to part of the work of the lightning rod, thank the slide, which allowed us to shoot at teamap

The appearance of this video was made possible thanks to the ability to shoot up to 40,000 frames per second. It was installed at a distance of 137 meters from the place of the lightning strike, which significantly reduces the risk of losing it. And here’s what she captured.

Source: Tech Cult

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