Daredevil: Reborn This is the most anticipated TV production in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While this isn’t the only project the franchise is working on, there isn’t another that comes close to the expectations spawned by Demon. Hell’s Kitchen. Added to this are relevant news such as confirmation that the Punisher will be in it.

Expectation regarding Daredevil: Reborn it may even be more than what he has produced with other films in the franchise. Something like this because Marvel Cinematic Universe is experiencing a narrative crisis in which his arguments repeat formulas in front of which viewers are increasingly critical. A circumstance that arises in the transition between the characters who presided over the first three phases and those who are to preside over the next.

Daredevil: Reborn perhaps this could lead to a reboot of the franchise. Although many factors influence this, it seems difficult to achieve this. However, this option should not be ruled out. series about Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) added to some of the links that gave life to a Netflix movie called daredevil. Latest John Bernthalwho played the Punisher. We are analyzing whether this decision will be positive or if it could pose a great danger to the future of Marvel.

Jon Bernthal will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Early March 2023 Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jon Bernthal would be part of the cast Daredevil: Reborn. His eventual return as chastener it was one of the open discussions on the series. Not only because of its impact on the Netflix-produced adaptation, but also because its inclusion could set the tone in which the story is told.

The Punisher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of Daredevil: Born Again

Jon Bernthal played Frank Castle for the first time in season 2 daredevil. The character was one of the most prominent innovations in irregular delivery, and it was more questioned than applauded. His inclusion has led to Matt Murdock once again being forced to confront himself, rethink his methods in an attempt to contain the Punisher, who in the comics and in the adaptation acts as an anti-hero.

The contrast between the two characters is as obvious as possible: while one surrendered to guns and explosions no matter how much blood he might shed, the other did not want corpses in his streets and used mostly fists in his attacks. This confrontation led to one of the most memorable lines in the series, when the Punisher tells Daredevil, “You hit them and they get up. I shoot them and they stay on the ground“.

Netflix adaptation

One of the key aspects daredevil on Netflix was that the production company was not cut in relation to tone. If the fights were to be overt, they were; if the character needed to engage in long scenes of violence, he stepped in. Although it was still a series aimed at a young audience, it also had an adult point of view.

His characters, while not experiencing dramatic or profound situations, still experienced philosophical impulses that fueled their travels. In the case of Daredevil, his relationship with violence and religion; as for the Punisher, the need to constantly deal with their past.

The Punisher - Rise of Daredevil

In that sense, Netflix showed that both characters go through personal issues. If it were to contrast this adaptation with the ones that have been made for Disney+ of late, Daredevil has a darker and less diplomatic tone.

This approach has also been kept alive in the two seasons Netflix has made of The Punisher. There have been several deliveries dedicated exclusively to this figure since it was introduced. The goal of the production company was to create their own superhero universe by hiring characters with a much more street profile than others, focused on large-scale missions. This difference between the tones of the narrative may mean, for Daredevil: Reborninconvenience.

Disney, The Punisher and Violence
V Daredevil: Reborn

The Netflix adaptation created a paradigm in relation to The Punisher. The character in Jon Bernthal had an interpreter capable of conveying the inner pain that runs through him, driven by grief and pain. Which was accompanied by action scenes in which he looked imposing, aggressive, intimidating.

The result was the best performance of The Punisher to date. Since then, Disney has found itself at a crossroads: to stick to this tradition or go the other way. This is not the case with Matt Murdock, who, due to his personality and in some of the comics, appears to be more relaxed. You might think that Daredevil is a more plastic figure.

On the other hand, Frank Castle is seen as a stronger character who is hard to tone down when it comes to adapting him to a more childish audience. This is another level of debate that is running through the Marvel Cinematic Universe today. Franchise suffers from necessity give a more adult perspective to your characters and stories, while part of his audience defines this leap.

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Considering how sensational the version presented by Netflix about chastener, the feeling is that in this case there should not be a golden mean. Character traditions in comics are cruel, aggressive, outspoken. If Disney doesn’t go down that path and offer a softer version, what seems like good news today may turn out to be sad in the future. In this sense, the classification from “R” to Daredevil: Reborn It looks like a detail corresponding to the type of figurines that will be staged.

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