With the advent of the dark theme on iPhone and Mac, working with gadgets in the evening or at night has become much more comfortable. At the same time, the design of some sites and services is knocked out of the general style.

For example, our site has had a dark design for a long time, but some resources continue to strain our attention with a light background.

You can fix the situation with a universal browser extension that will work on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

You can add add-ons to one of your gadgets and then activate the toggle switch. Accounting on all devices. The extension, along with the settings, migrates to other devices within the same account Apple ID.

How to Set Dark Design for Websites on iPhone

▶ Install app Dark mode from the app store.

▶ Go to Settings – Safari – Extensions and options for new additions.

▶ Activate the main toggle switch and enable the action in the section All websites.

▶ Restart Safari (quit the app from the multitasking and policy bar again).

▶ Open any website in Safari and press indicator aa in the address bar of the browser.

▶ Open options night eye. Here you can manage the settings of the extension, disable its operation on some sites, set the default mode and set the time interval for activating the dark theme.

How to set up a dark theme for websites on Mac

▶ Install App Dark mode from the Mac App Store.

▶ Open options Safari overlay Extensions and related Night mode.

▶ Click on the extension button next to the address bar and grant permission for all sites.

▶ In addition, it can be opened for sites with their own dark theme and set the time of the dark mode.

So you can activate night mode for unsupported sites and a very convenient time to activate the extension on your smartphone and computer.

Source: Iphones RU

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