More than 60% of Russians working abroad are ready to return in the near future: they associate their decision with personal problems, as well as professional opportunities, a joint study by Yakov and Partners and showed, the results of which they were reviewed. by RB.RU.

More than 60% of Russians working abroad are ready to return in the near future: survey

Despite the ongoing changes in Russia and the world, the financial stability of the employer and financial compensation remain key factors when choosing a job.

The researchers also looked at which countries Russians preferred to move to for work in 2022 (in descending order of interest):

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Cyprus
  4. Türkiye
  5. Germany
  6. belarus
  7. Georgia
  8. kazakhstan
  9. uzbekistan
  10. Azerbaijan

“An even larger number of people who already worked abroad expressed their willingness to return to the country: 62% of those surveyed. Among the main reasons, personal circumstances, better career opportunities, as well as a more favorable economic outlook for the country as a whole stand out,” said Yelena Kuznetsova, partner at Yakov & Partners.

According to her, under such conditions, it can be expected that the migratory flow that emerged in 2022 “could change direction in one or two years.”

More than 7,000 applicants and more than 220 employers from all over Russia took part in the survey.


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Source: RB

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