Founders’ Mondays expands its geography and has reached America! A new project meeting will take place on May 1 in New York. The participation of guests and project launchers is free.

Founders Monday in New York: Tell about your startup and get feedback from like-minded people

The Founders’ Mondays project of the RB.RU team is a regular meeting of founders of CIS start-ups, which is held in Russia and other countries of the world: the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Georgia, Indonesia, the Emirates United Arabs, and this is not the limit.

In an informal setting with no specific program, five startup founders present their projects, receive feedback from other entrepreneurs and the opportunity to make new friends among like-minded people.

Founders Mondays are:

  • Russian-speaking founders from the CIS countries building a global business in new markets;

  • IT / innovation / science related projects.

There are no investment pitches in meetings: founders talk about a startup to get high-quality feedback. But we are glad to see investors as guests to help entrepreneurs improve the project.

You can get to Founders Mondays in New York after signing up. To launch, please contact the organizer [email protected] until April 20.

The meeting partner is Starta VC, a venture ecosystem to find, support and finance talent in the early stages of technological development. The company has a venture fund (Starta Capital), an accelerator in New York with its own suite of programs (Starta Accelerator, Starta Launchpad, Starta Advisory), a case-based business and technology school (Starta Institute), and a co-investment platform (Starta Angels) that work in synergy to create opportunities for everyone in the ecosystem.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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