Even though WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging apps in the world, it still lacks some very important features. Among them, important for privacy and it is the ability to block certain conversations using biometric information. Well, according to the media WABetaInformationthe company is already preparing this option.

According to a new report from the aforementioned media, version of WhatsApp beta includes biometric lock features for individual conversations. In addition, this also applies to in-app group chats. This way, if someone wants to access them, they will have to go through the lock screen first, which will ask for a recognizable face or fingerprint.

How are conversations blocked? This feature is as simple as tapping the three dots that give you access to the call options and then going to chat blockingchat blocking in English-. Here you can activate the option Keep this conversation locked and hidden.

Currently, WhatsApp already has a feature that allows us to add a similar level of security. However, it is a little easier and limited to blocking the entire app by pin, fingerprint or face reading. However, once this barrier is overcome, people will be able to have unlimited access to the information we receive in the course of our conversations.

WhatsApp continues to work on some pretty cool features

for now, the screenshots we have seen show Android as an example only, so we don’t know what the end result will look like on iOS if released. Let’s keep in mind that this feature is in development, so WhatsApp can drop this idea at any time or give it a completely different look.

But This is not the only feature coming soon to the Meta messaging service.. They are also working on something that will allow you to get rid of groups that you are not interested in. They also recently announced the arrival of approval lists for this type of conversation, a feature through which you can accept or reject those who are interested in joining.

For its part, Meta plans to turn WhatsApp into its next money-making machine. From enabling features like ChatGPT to an instant messaging service to other payment features that will allow you to more effectively monetize the application. All of this, of course, to fund a metaverse that seems increasingly remote and expensive.

Source: Hiper Textual

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