Here are already some measurable search results in a world similar to the earth. There are exoplanets in the vastness of the Universe, located in the atmosphere and in the size of the Earth, but not all of them have a magnetic field that provides protection from space exploration. Recently, such a planet was discovered not far from our star system – only 12 light-years away.

In former cases, it is claimed that it was seen, which no one of the people had seen before. Planet Z Ceti can lead to the emergence, and the presence of a magnetic field emanating from her periodical. Researchers believe that they accept the dissolution around which this world revolves with a period of about two Earths. Magnetic field of panels

This way of detecting magnetic fields is, unfortunately, the shock of the planet being too close. The forms of life habitual to us in such conditions of existence are not formed. However, the classical space notes the unconditional use of this method in the flight of an exoplanet in Boehm. Through the search for planets where there might be life, productive.

Source: Tech Cult

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