In particular, we are talking about Facebook*, which is banned in Russia. According to Fox News, a video showing the Washington and Russian embassy has been posted on the social network, and a Russian voice-over promises to change the lives, futures, of Russians who provide intelligence to the FBI. The channel claims that the FBI has been conducting similar activities since February.

Fox News reporters interviewed a number of experts and evaluated both the video and the idea most critically. For example, Rebecca Koffler, a former officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency for Russian Doctrine and Strategy, said she did not believe in the success of this initiative simply because the Russian “counterintelligence services were among the most effective and formidable in the world.” And to him, such a reckless idea undermines the authority of the FBI.

At the same time, the specialist drew attention to the “creativity” of the special services, emphasizing that he did not believe in success and wished success to his colleagues.

“The FBI is using this new method for a number of reasons. First, it’s extremely difficult to recruit Russian agents. Russia is a super-heavy environment because its counterintelligence services are among the most efficient and toughest in the world. The FBI is responding to a modern age where young people are constantly on social media. “It’s trying to build a broad network and generate more returns by attracting more potential candidates to spy on behalf of the United States,” Koffler said.

* The organization is recognized as an extremist, its activities are prohibited on the territory of Russia.

Source: Ferra

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